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the obama man spoke straight and zombie is among the most popular costumes perhaps it is fitting that the president came as himself, dressed in casual weekend attire. the president's mother-in-law came as herself. the first lady was a leep pardons complete with cat ears around along with the daughters they all joined in handing out candy. the obamas passing out goody bags loaded with white house m & ms with the president's signature on them and a sweet butter cookie baked by the white house pastry stop. the biggest thrill according to many of the kids was just meeting the president and his family on halloween. celebrations elsewhere including the flam buoyant, outrageous greenwich parade, the hottest costume, thrill of vintage michael jackson and this kate goss lin. octo mom and her brood also very big. swine flu also making a big appearance this year. the swine flu as well as disgraced windler bernard madoff. if you are not that into halloween or baseball the top story this weekend is probably politics because whether you live in either virginia or new jersey, intense national i
to voters. tomorrow his heavy hitter guess back to town. obama will return from rallies in the state of new jersey and it appears the white house is investing a lot if the governor's race. here is what corzine said about it. >> his schedule was set for quite a while. this is not a last-minute decision, it was part of a plan to work together. we've been partners on turning our economy around. jobs, saving jobs. >> the republican challenger christie has a heavy hitter on the trail with him. rudy giuliani out shaking hands. also trying to rally the base here. we spoke with christie why he wants the job. tough time for new jersey and deficit looming. here is what he said. >> i have four sids between 6 and 16 -- four kids between 6 and 16. i love this state and lived here my whole life and i want my kids here to raise their families here. if we don't make it more affordable my kids won't afford to live here. >> this is anybody's race and it will come can down to who can motivate their supporters to get out to the poll on election day and cast the ballot. >> gregg: thank you. forget red and blue
that have not begun for democrats since the civil war. >> except obama. you can't keep dropping the fact. >> at the congressional level. >> here's what dede scozzafava said when she endorsed the candidate. i have stood for honest principles and truthful discussion >> is it just scozzafava sour grapes or is the hard right conservative so wrong the liberal republicans couldn't stomach the idea of him going to congress? we are blessed to have judge jeanine pirro who aside from being a start of her own hit show was the elected district attorney the republican candidate statewide for attorney general back in 2006 if i am not mistaken. that district up there what does it mean? >> i know that district. i talk to people up there today. it is the north country in new york state. this has been the district where there has been a republican candidate sints the 1850s. you have dede who is pro choice, pro same sex marriage pro hard checks for the no secret ballots in unionizing private sectors. she is so out of touch with constituency the fact that she got the nomination is incredible. more incredibl
republicans and democrats. that will divide president obama with the rest of the country. he will own this process, he will own the verdict. >> geraldo: if a verdict is as is expected to condemn this man to die works that be appropriate? >> it certainly would be appropriate and in fact i think that, you know, they can say well, we can prove. it as big risk and it is the president's decision and he made it and announced it through his attorney general and it is controversial. i don't talk to a lot of people who think this is a great idea. is a great real concern about him coming to new york and creating an even bigger target than is already existing in new york with terrorists recognizing that being ground zero for not just the world trade centers but for another terrorist attack. let's hope one thing, i do have confidence the federal court system tends to be pretty straightforward and pretty hard headed. this is one time every american regardless of their party wants to make sure this verdict comes down right. what happened on september 11th, 2001 was an outrage against every american
on behind you, craig? >> the soldiers are calling this fort day obama. these are the containers that are used for the soldiers. they store their gear in these containers. they are being retasked as a security ko core done for obama visit for the memorial of the 13 soldiers. >> tucker carlson is in dc and fox business associate john stock land is here with me in new york. tucker, what's your take? is lieberman right is this muslim terrorism? >> we don't know. there are indications he was a devout muslim maybe a muslim extremist. i don't think we can answer that with any certainty. i am amazed the press was down-playing his muslim affiliation and what motivated him that he was a victim of ptsd never been in combat must have got it from soldiers debriefing. all of this was forced on television viewers to divert away from what may be an explanation. he's a religious coupe. >> i don't know what motivates him john stossel but to suggest he's a terrorist doesn't that open the necessity that he conspires with someone that he has some communication? as far as i know his links show -- com
are speaking out. stay with us. you don't want to miss this, let me tell you. nice photo. president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. >>> this is america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. american shoppers peeling off a few more greenbacks this black friday than last year. a research firm reports shoppers spent more than $10.5 million the day after thanksgiving. up a half a percent from a year ago. there were signs of much stronger online sales during the holiday shopping kickoff and that means more folks just buying from home. >>> the search continues for the man accused of gunning down his family on thanksgiving day. police in jupiter florida say he shot and killed four family members after dinner. his six-year-old cousin. his twin sisters, one of whom was pregnant and a 76-year-old aunt. two other people were wounde
it interesting is the timing of it coming out right now before president obama is going to announce how many troops he is going to send to afghanistan and what the strategy is going to be, what the mission is going to be. i think this is an opportunity to remind people that may not have been the intention of the report it's important to have enough troops on the ground. paradoxiccally even though it's meant to be a criticism of president bush not by the staff. not by the members of the community. it may have the effect of reminding the president that it would be difficult to disregard general mccrystal's demand or request for between 30 and 40,000 troops. >> seems like there's two purposes is the way it is laid out. >> the importance of the border between afghanistan and pakistan. the reason we are in the mess we are in now is we failed to seal the border in december of 230sh2001. went from afghanistan to pakistan which is where they are now. what's going on in pakistan today the military and army has taken the night to the taliban on the pakistan side of the border. what they asked for the
. to circumvent the election to control the events being imposed to president obama the white house invited and collected through the u.s. embassy questions through the web site for the past couple weeks. the president will get those unseen in the course of the town hall to break through what the white house expects should be a controlled environment with these future leaders of china the students at museum of science and technology asking him questions. this is will be streamed live and on the web site in china. it will be the only way people in china can see this town hall. >> the last time i was there they had cell phones it will be well disseminated, don't you, major? >> yes indeed. there are more interview users here than anywhere else around the globe. you have 1.3 billion people and a growing economy with a tremendous amount of cell phone and internet connections that will be the case. the degree the chinese are interested in this they can log on and find out all about it. >> is he as much a rock star in china as he is in europe or japan? >> no. that whole concept is alien in the chi
want healthcare pay for it yourselves. >> president obama met with house democrats this afternoon for about an hour to urge them to support this member and says opportunities to pass major healthcare reform "come around maybe once in a generation. ". he praised democratic leaders for their work to craft the bill. >> they brought us closer than we have been to passing health insurance reform on on behalf of the american people. now, is the time to finish the job. >> they will go through the amendments and then the minor the has one last shot to try to kill the bill all together called a motion to recommit. they vote on that and then move to the final vote. geraldo? >> geraldo: as exciting as the evening is, the fact of the matter is this is just a step in a long and rocky road. from here, what is next? does the senate take up its version and if so, when? >> absolutely. this is one step in a long -- what could be a long process. what is going to happen is if it passes the house the senate will take up its version. harry reid and other democratic leaders are going to work on it this
i have ever seen you know, this weekend, president obama and nancy pelosi are strong arming the members of congress to vote on a bill that is over 2,000 pages long. most members of congress haven't read it and they don't understand it. for them to say it will give us all free healthcare and not just raise the deficit, that is a big fairy tale. you will pay taxes to cover the cost for three years before you even get benefits. that is like paying rent for three years before you get to move into your apartment. your promise that it won't bust the budget, that is a big fairy tale. you are told that it isn't about forcing us to pay for abortions but provisions in the bill do in fact insist that abortion be covered. terrorism misses to the contrary a big fairy tale. we were promised and open process that would be broadcast on c-span. instead the entire thing happened behind closed doors. a big fairy tale. we are told it will help people with cancer but you have to wait six months. we were promised there would be time to write in and ask questions and no new taxes on healthcare and
. >>> from america's news headquarteion presvery ment obama wrapping ua rare question and answer session with chinese univeion students in shanghai. the president telling the st are aen mak that the free ff information in this country that allows him to be ihiticized majes hing leader. the president's visit to china as krt of a mrstti that mtion n tour. he will go on to beijing where he ismucxpected to press chinee leaders to speed up market reforms. >>> two mh aneratemucarthquajes hiin fing ohe h the ocean off e southern, california coast. the mcni pde 4.5 caje rattwed an area about 14 miles east of san nicholas island on sundafus minutesspater a mcni pde 3.6 quick rocked the same spot. no word if the quakes corstd be astlt onspanbetw i'm rick folbaum and we now return you to "geraldo at that psune" rearsrd here on tx news channel. don't go away. away. >> i have never met her. i would look forward to sit down and talk with her. we are going to hear more from her in the up coming weeks with her book coming out i look forward to having a chance to get to me meet her. >> hillary clinton w
td to hunt down the leader and that was in torah borah. the. >>> the obama administration planning to announce monday plans to help troubled homeowners by lowering monthly mortgage payments. expected to withhold cash incentives to mortgage companies until they make loan modifications permanent. they will pressure lenders by highlighting companies lagging behind on the loan modifications. those are the headlines for now. i'm lauren sivan. we now head back to "geraldo at large" on fox. >>> and now with the sahahi's side of the story is the man who introduced the couple, their friend casey martin. thanks for being with us tonight. tell me, what is their side of the story? >> they have said and have been saying that they did have an invitation and that they have proof of that and that they were cleared with the white house. >> okay. when you say they have proof of it, meaning they actually received an invitation with their name on it from the white house and we would love for you to attend this state dinner, be our guest? >> i couldn't tell you that. i have not seen anything. i have t
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)